Solutions: Branch Consolidation and WAN Optimisation

Streamline your base of operations to reduce ongoing costs and improve the efficiency of communication between your teams. Let your staff work with ease on a network optimised for speed and performance, no matter where they are.

With best practice, end to end, Xpanse will design, implement, manage and support your branch consolidation and optimisation, adapting to the evolutions in your strategic objectives and business needs throughout the course of the project. We partner with robust, trustworthy vendors to ensure durable solutions, premium quality support and remarkable customer service.

Riverbed SteelHead
Reduce your remote office infrastructure while experiencing LAN-like performance over WAN-connected locations. Give your staff the flexibility and convenience of mobile and remote work capabilities with a reduction in mobile data costs. SteelHead’s visibility features lets you monitor your application and network performance and adapt your infrastructure as your organisation’s habits change.

In a fast-paced market, the speed of your network can help you keep your competitive edge. Enjoy the perks of a modern, connected workplace with a stable, responsive and reliable WAN infrastructure designed and implemented by Xpanse.

Riverbed SteelFusion
Reduce risk & cost, and realise greater efficiency with a centralised model for data and application management. With SteelFusion’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, you can project data centre assets to remote offices instantly without compromising branch performance or the security of your data. Eliminate surplus remote infrastructure an expertise requirements, significantly lowering your capital and ongoing expenses.

Ensure your IT security and performance, user productivity, business continuity and operational efficiency. The Xpanse team can help design and provision an optimised WAN infrastructure that lets you make the most of SteelFusion technology.