Data Centre Relocation - Project Summary

In April of 2017, Xpanse were engaged to undertake an extensive data centre relocation project for a large oil & gas provider. The project which spanned nearly 8 months saw Xpanse work closely with the client's PMO in delivering a complete DC relocation including the auditing, pre-patching & testing, relocation and re-installation of storage, compute and core networking infrastructure.

Over the course of the project, Xpanse had no less that 14 staff involved at various points. This included a full time Project Manager who worked closely with the client's Project Manager and Relocation Manager to ensure that progress was being closely monitored and projected timelines were being adhered to.

"This was easily one of the more complicated DC relocations Xpanse has undertaken and I was extremely proud of the way our team executed it."
- David Dalby, Xpanse Technical Director

Xpanse was entrusted by the client to:

  • Perform a comprehensive environment pre-audit, recording infrastructure locations & physical cable mapping
  • Pre-patch & test network and power cables at destination DC prior to relocations
  • De-rack, wrap and transport critical storage, compute and network infrastructure
  • Re-rack & cable infrastructure at destination DC and perform infrastructure testing
  • Work with client infrastructure and application test teams to assist troubleshooting any physical access issues
  • Creation of relocation planning documentation to feed into the client's PMO to assist with phase management and coordination of multiple teams

The relocation was completed over 24 individual waves, mostly after hours, ensuring downtime was kept to a minimum and the business remained unaffected.

If you are considering a large scale, complex data centre relocation, and require the assistance of an organisation with a track record and ability to de-risk business impact please contact Xpanse on +61 (8) 9322 6767 or email